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Wonderful Copenhagen | Cruise Copenhagen Contest

I was studying in University of Copenhagen from August 2010 to January 2011. It was one of the best times in my life. Copenhagen is just beautiful! However it is not only character of city itself and its famous places that make atmosphere of the city so nice and unique, it is its inhabitants who make it! Therefore the thing that I miss the most is Copenhageners themselves! To make friends there, chat and interact with them, was the most joyful experience for me. In spite of being many miles away from my family, they created a home for me in their city. The chance to visit Copenhagen again would be a great opportunity for me to visit my friends again, bring them some presents from my original home in Czech Republic and thank them for all their kindness.

And here´s my story in more playful way!

W hat is my best experience from Copenhagen?
O nce upon a time I spent there a six month study line
N ight and day I rode a bike, experince that I always like
D uring my rides I saw all sites in city
E xcursion it was more than just pretty
R estful city and danish people, friendly and kind
F ar from home provide me with pleasure in mind
U rgent advice that have a sense, go to Copenhagen to enjoy your
L ifetime experience!

Are you still asking why to visit Copenhagen? Well because it is:

C ity of bicycles
O pen minded capital
P rincess of mermaids
E den of life
N atural reserve
H arbour of merchants
A rchitectural visionary
G ateway of Scandinavia
E nvironmental friend
N imue of Øresund

Visit the city through my camera lens right now if the photos below are not enough for you!

And if I can recommend you something for your potential trip to Copenhagen, I will put it like this: 
  • 1) Buy or rent a bike and ride around the city as much as you can!
  • 2) There is so many places you should visit, but if I should highlight just two it would be Tivoli, where you will feel like to be in the fairytale (the visit is nice especially in the night and especially during Christmas time) and Rådhus Tower or tower of Vor Frelsers Kirke to see Copenhagen from above, only from this point of view you can really appreciate how beautiful the city is.
  • 3) Experience sailing in the sea around the city or in many of its water channels. How else to get know the Køpmannæhafn (merchants' harbour) than from the ship?
  • 4) Don´t leave Copenhagen without tasting Pølser (Hot Dog) from some cute mobile kiosk, some of Carlsberg ´s beer (in November and December don´t miss Julebryg - Christmas beer), Frikadeller (tasty meatballs), Wienerbrød (Danish pastry) and Smørrebrød (Danish open sandwich). You will love it!
  • 5) Finally, you have to speak with Copenhageners in order to get a sense of local life and true travel experience. They are very kind, friendly and talkative and equipped with very good skills in English. Let´s make new friends there!

Czech writer Karel Capek wrote in his book Travels in the North (1936) following statement: „Copenhagen is like a beautiful green tree with branches as its all attractions and leaves as her inhabitants.“ I absolutely agree with him.

Check out all the branches and leaves below and see the TREE!

Enjoy some of my photos from the city! (You can find more on my Flickr)

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